Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker

Warning: This articles contains spoilers from the fourth and final season of 13 Reasons Why.

After four seasons, 13 Reasons Why has come to an end, and we finally know what the future holds for the teens of Liberty High School. Here's how the series tied up the core characters' stories in its series finale.

Clay (Dylan Minette) is going to Brown! Thanks to some help from Ani (Grace Saif), who wrote his essay for him, he's headed to Providence, R.I. (where he already has a coffee date lined up with someone named Heidi).

Jessica (Alisha Boe), being Jessica, wrote her college essay about the many ways she's fought for what she believes in — including taking off her clothes on the football field — and got into U.C. Berkeley!

13 Reasons Why

After collapsing at prom, it's revealed that Justin (Brandon Flynn) has been suffering from HIV. And because it was left untreated, it turned into AIDS, which ultimately kills him. In the finale, Clay and his parents surround Justin's hospital bed as he takes his last breaths.

Alex (Miles Heizer) is not only named prom king, but he's happily dating Charlie (Tyler Barnhardt) and going to attend Berkeley in the fall. Speaking of Berkeley, it seems like Tyler (Devin Druid) is going there as well because he invites Alex to carpool with him to Liberty football games next year (seeing as how their significant others are younger than they are). Did we mention Tyler is dating Monty's sister?

Zach (Ross Butler) is offered a football coaching job at Liberty, but later reveals that he's going to be studying music… somewhere.

Tony (Christian Navarro) leaves his shop in Caleb's capable hands because he has a full ride to the University of Nevada, where he'll put his boxing skills to good use. The final shot of the series shows Clay and Tony back in Tony's car, leaving everything high school threw at them behind.

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Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker
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