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Sara Wilson on why she didn't use her Shot in the Dark on Survivor 41
This season's second victim explains her decision and reveals what we didn't see at that Tribal Council.
Debra Messing questions Kim Kardashian's qualifications for SNL host: 'Am I missing something?'
The Will & Grace star is speaking out about Saturday Night Live's recent hosting announcement.
Eric Abraham reacts to being first person voted off Survivor 41
The initial victim explains why he went by his last name, what he wishes he had done differently, and how he feels about being out of the game.
Titans star on character's 'beautiful' exit: 'The decision was made for me, and it was for the best'
"Would I return to Titans? Yes. Do I feel like I found closure and peace? Absolutely," says the departing actor.
Watch J.K. Simmons sing and dance his way into Goliath as big-pharma opioid pusher 'Mr. Pain Killer'
Showrunner Lawrence Trilling previews the season 4 moment, featuring a song written by Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger before he died from COVID-19.

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