If you’ve long hoped for Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger to face-off in a film, then beware what you wish for.

The action legends star together in the new bonkers trailer for The Iron Mask, which is a movie that seems like a fake movie from an SNL digital short.

What is this movie about? Well, all I could gather from the trailer is that it takes place in a bunch of different countries, Chan is trying to escape from “The Tower,” and Chan and Schwarzenegger definitely got paid a lot of money for no more than three days of work.

Further research shows that The Iron Mask was called Viy 2: Journey to China when it was released last year in China, and it’s actually a sequel to 2014’s Viy (also known as Forbidden Empire and The Forbidden Kingdom).

To see Schwarzenegger hamming it up and Chan giving him a sword haircut, watch the trailer above.

The Iron Mask will allegedly be released on April 10 in the U.S.

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