An 18-year-old wakes up from a coma and asks his twin to help him remember who he is, but he's in for a dark and wild ride.

Tell Me Who I Am

A motorcycle accident in 1982 caused Alex Lewis to forget everyone in his life except his twin brother, Marcus, when he awoke from a coma. Life would never be the same for the 18-year-old, and Marcus made sure of that by selectively telling him stories about their lives — leaving things out even he wished he could forget.

In EW’s exclusive look at the first trailer, audiences are introduced to the twins through the lens of director Ed Perkins in a documentary that had the Telluride Film Festival buzzing with critical praise, but its success must be bittersweet for the siblings who endured atrocities and trauma throughout their lives.

Tell Me Who I Am
Credit: Netflix

Based on the brothers’ memoir of the same name, the documentary unravels their story and explores how they were affected by their dark secrets. Why did Marcus lie to his twin brother? Will Alex be able to forgive him and move forward after learning the truth that the only person he trusted lied to him?

Marcus may have been noble in his decision to create this imaginary life story to spare Alex pain, but the latter has been living a lie not of his choosing. Would he have been better off knowing the truth?

Tell Me Who I Am offers both points of views from each brother before bringing them together for the final act when they’ll finally be face-to-face with the truth. It’s a roller coaster nightmare that’ll play out for Netflix subscribers on Oct. 18.

Watch the full trailer above.

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Tell Me Who I Am
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