The Good Liar (2019 movie)

In the upcoming thriller The Good Liar, Ian McKellen is a seasoned con artist planning to swindle a wealthy widow played by Helen Mirren — but he didn't bank on her stealing his heart.

Now Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the film, in which Mirren's Betty McLeish probes McKellen's Roy Courtnay about the secrets kept "between you, God, the Devil, and the dead."

Bill Condon, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Gods and Monsters, directs the adaptation of Nicholas Searle's twisty 2017 novel. Downton Abbey fans can look forward to Roy boasting of his plans to "take it all" from Betty with his buddy Vincent, played by Jim Carter.

"That's not why I think you do it, for the money. It's the game," Vincent tells Roy. To which he replies, "What if it is?"

The Good Liar opens Nov. 15. Watch the trailer above.

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The Good Liar (2019 movie)
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