It’s six doses of Marlon Wayans in one movie.

Netflix released the first Sextuplets trailer, which shows the 47-year-old comic channeling the spirit of Eddie Murphy by starring in all six of the main roles.

Wayans plays Alan, who grew up thinking he was an only child. Ahead of welcoming his first kid, he goes in search of his birth mother and learns the truth: he’s not an only child… not by a long shot.

Wayans also plays Alan’s sister and every single one of his four brothers: Russell (who helps Alan learn of their sextuplet status), Ethan (who can smell that “Republican money”), Baby Pete (the name matches his stature), Dawn (an exotic dancer about to be released from prison), and Jaspar (seemingly, the intellectual of the siblings).

Wayans produces Sextuplets with his White Chicks and Naked producer Rick Alvarez, as well as Nathan Reimann from Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. Michael Tiddes, who directed Wayans in A Haunted House and Naked, also helms this new comedy.

Those details alone are enough to paint a picture of what viewers can expect when Sextuplets premieres on Netflix Aug 16 — which is the same day Mindhunter season 2 premieres on the streaming platform, so take sides now.

Sextuplets key art Marlon Wayans CR: Netfilx
Credit: Netfilx

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