Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst directs the upcoming thriller, which costars Devon Sawa

Judging by the trailer for The Fanatic, which EW exclusively debuts above, the new John Travolta thriller isn’t just a movie — it’s a transcendent experience. Where else can you see Pulp Fiction star donning his best geek attire (hello, Hawaiian shirt and New Balance sneakers!) to maniacally stalk a famous actor (played by Devon Sawa)? Oh, and it’s directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

“I just wanted an autograph!” Travolta screams in the trailer as Moose, an unhinged fan who takes his obsession with A-list movie star Hunter Dunbar (Sawa) several steps too far, forcing his way into the celeb’s home with the help of a well-connected paparazzo (Ana Golja, Degrassi: The Next Class).

The ensuing calamity involves yards of rope confining Hunter to his bed, voodoo dolls, strangling, attempted stabbings, and lots of screaming — all while Travolta rocks one of the boldest looks of his career.

The Fanatic breaks into theaters on Aug. 30, followed by a VOD and digital bow on Sept. 6. Watch the trailer above, and check out the poster below.

The Fanatic
Credit: Quiver Distribution

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