Luce (2019 movie)

Between playing a maniacal torturess in last weekend’s Ma and seemingly harboring a dangerous secret from Naomi Watts in the new trailer for her upcoming thriller Luce (above), you definitely don’t want to mess with Octavia Spencer on the big screen this summer.

In the first preview for the Sundance-debuting psychological thriller (above), Spencer plays a high school teacher, Ms. Wilson, who makes a disturbing discovery inside the locker of an all-star athlete, Luce (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), whom was adopted 10 years prior from a war-torn country by a well-respected couple (Watts, here reuniting with her on-screen Funny Games husband, Tim Roth).

“Last week, he wrote a paper in which he argued that violence was a necessary cleansing force,” Spencer tells Watts, though the plot seemingly thickens to involve violent threats, aggressive break-ins, and past conspiracies coming to light as the couple begins to question Ms. Wilson’s true intentions in obsessing over Luce’s behavior.

“She thinks I’m a poster boy black kid who overcame his tragic past,” Luce tells his parents in the preview. ” You don’t conform to what she wants, and, suddenly, I’m the enemy.”

Luce — directed by Julius Onah and adapted from JC Lee’s acclaimed stage play — lands in theaters on Aug. 2. Watch the new trailer above.

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Luce (2019 movie)
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