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With the deluge of reactionary films to the modern resurgence of white supremacy in America comes the trailer for Skin, which glimpses Jamie Bell‘s intense transformation into a reformed neo-Nazi trying to fight his way to redemption.

“Guys like this only have three options: Die young, life in prison, or they start talkin’,” says Luke Cage star Mike Colter in the preview.

Bryon (Bell) was brought up by a white supremacist gang, but as an adult with a wife and kids, he tries to flee for a new, better life while questioning whether he can find redemption for his past acts. This gang, however, won’t let him leave without a fight.

Guy Nattiv directed Skin, which is not the same as the filmmaker’s short film of the same name that won him an Oscar earlier this year and also highlights white supremacy. Although, Patti Cake$ and Dumplin’ star Danielle Macdonald is the common thread.

Vera Farmiga of the Conjuring horror franchise and Bill Camp of Native Son also star in Skin, which premieres June 27 on DIRECTV before hitting theaters on July 26.

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Skin (Movie)
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