“It seems like a thousand years ago…”

“Sometimes the best we can do is start over…”

The new trailer for Avengers: Endgame is fraught with the regret and sadness from the original team, the core group of survivors left behind from Infinity War.

It’s an unusual tone for a superhero movie to strike — melancholy. But Marvel has earned it after 10 years of films.

There are moments of wonder. Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) is seen teaching a young girl to shoot a bow and arrow while what appears to be his young kids and wife picnic in the background. The girl nails the bullseye.

Who is she? On first glance, you’d assume this to be an older version of the daughter we saw in Age of Ultron. But wouldn’t Lila Barton still be a little kid?

Another possibility is that this is Kate Bishop, a character from Marvel lore who later takes on the mantle of “Hawkeye.” In Endgame, Barton himself is working under the identity of the vigilante Ronin.

Is this really the end? No, not for everybody. Obviously, there will be more films in the franchise, full of fun-loving banter, battles, and world-saving.

Still, this feels like the end of something. Something big.

By the end, the wistfulness is replaced by a new mantra: “Whatever it takes.”

Our heroes, all of them — Iron Man and Nebula included, which means they have been rescued from deep space — are united in shiny white armor.

That armor? It looks a lot like Ant-Man’s suit, which suggests our heroes are about to venture into the quantum realm, where we know you can find time vortexes.

The Avengers symbol is seen reconstituting itself from the ash. It’s not immediately clear how they’ll do it, but it seems like things will be okay, True Believers.

At the very end, we get a moment of bliss: Thor and Carol! Thor and Carol! Sparks fly between the God of Thunder and Captain Marvel.

Let’s watch, and check back as EW dives deep into the new footage from Endgame.

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