Oscar night brought us the first teaser for Netflix’s The Irishman, our first peek at what Martin Scorsese has been working on for years. Like, ye-ee-ears.

There’s no actual footage, or even an official image of the cast members in character. Just dialogue.

“I understand you’re a brother of mine,” Al Pacino says.

“Yeah, yeah. Nice to meet yah,” Robert De Niro, another longtime Scorsese collaborator, says.

Then Pacino goes, “I heard you paint houses.”

The Irishman, based on I Heard You Paint Houses, by author Charles Brandt, is something Scorsese and De Niro have been talking about since at least 2010. It’s the story of Frank Sheeran, a mafia hitman rumored to be involved with the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa.

The film, based on a screenplay by Scorsese and Steve Zaillian (Gangs of New York), also features frequent Scorsese collaborators Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel.

“I grew up watching these guys and then next thing you know I’m going head-to-head with Robert De Niro in a scene at the Copacabana,” Sebastian Maniscalco, who also has a role in the film, told EW this year. “It’s like, ‘Is this happening?’ So the two movies that I’ve been fortunate enough to get, in Green Book and The Irishman, is stuff that working actors would probably cut off their right arm to be in, so I never take it for granted.”

According to Netflix, which scooped up multiple awards during Oscars night, The Irishman will finally (finally!) debut in theaters and on the streaming platform this fall.

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