There’s a reason Boyz II Men is all over the first trailer for Long Shot, the new comedy from Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. It’s not just because they appear in the film as themselves, either.

The “End of the Road” R&B group marked the soundtrack to the youth of main characters Secretary of State Charlotte Field (Theron) and struggling journalist Fred Flarsky (Rogen). In high school, Fred was crushing on Charlotte real bad. Cut to now and she’s one of the most powerful women in the world looking to make a play for the Oval Office.

Speaking with EW, Theron, who also produces the film, emphasized the romantic elements of the story on top of the kind of comedy one might expect from a Rogen movie. The Long Shot trailer gives us a taste of what that will look like.

The footage debuted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday and plays on a reverse Pretty Woman where Fred is like a bearded Julia Roberts character. Though, it still maintains the more adult comedic edge of films like Knocked Up.

After reuniting in adulthood, Charlotte hires Fred to punch up her speeches as she looks to become the first female President of the United States. While there are certain nods to our current political reality, Rogen said the script, based on Dan Sterling’s Black List script from 2012, isn’t a direct response to Trump.

“We wanted to make a movie that acknowledged the political realities we all live in without trying to make too heavy-handed directives,” he explained, “and at the same time make something that’s highly enjoyable and highly entertaining that appeals to as wide an audience as anything I’ve made.”

Credit: Lionsgate

The cast also includes Alexander Skarsgard as the Prime Minister of Canada and Bob Odenkirk as the current POTUS, as well as O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Den of Thieves), Andy Serkis (Black Panther), June Diane Raphael (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Ravi Patel (Master of None), and Randall Park (The Interview).

Jonathan Levine (50/50) directs Long Shot based on Sterling’s script that evolved with additional help from Rogen, Theron, and The Post‘s Liz Hannah. The film will open in theaters on May 3.

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