By Clark Collis
February 14, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST

In writer-director A.T. White’s horror film Starfish (out March 13), it appears as if only a young woman named Aubrey (Virginia Gardner from 2018’s Halloween and Hulu’s Runaways) is left on earth after a mysterious signal from an unknown dimension summons the end of days. Trapped in the apartment of her recently deceased best friend, the only clue she has is a single cassette left behind after her friends death, labeled: “THIS MIXTAPE WILL SAVE THE WORLD.”

Thrust into a mystery orchestrated by her friend and stricken with grief, Aubrey begins to piece the clues together, uncovering a series of tapes all with pieces of the mystery signal. Along the way, progress is impeded when monstrous creatures begin to overrun the world and enclose in on her. Aubrey is forced to fight off the encroaching creatures and move beyond her own crippling grief in order to find the remaining tapes. But will completing the signal save the world?

Learn more about the theatrical roadshow dates of Starfish at the film’s website. The film will be released on digital and on demand, May 28. Exclusively watch the movie’s trailer, above.

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