The story of Frozen 2 is still shrouded in a certain amount of mystery (and mist, but that’s a given). Yet the theories have already begun now that Disney Animation has released the first teaser trailer for the anticipated November sequel.

Josh Gad, who voices snowman sidekick Olaf in the film, tweeted a directive to fans to look closely at the movie’s new poster for potential Easter eggs. While the poster itself is fairly minimalist, there is one prominent clue that pops out.

In the poster’s intricate snowflake, each of the four directional diamond fractals contains a different mysterious symbol. Frozen‘s aesthetic details have always included pictographs, but these are more than just a stroke of design flair—and the evidence is in a key frame from halfway through the teaser, in which Anna (Kristen Bell) rushes onto a balcony and sees hundreds of these floating ice crystals bearing the same quartet of mysterious symbols.

Credit: Disney

Fans have begun theorizing that the four symbols pertain to one of two timeless quartets: the four classical elements (earth, water, fire, and air) or the four Gregorian seasons (winter, spring, summer, and autumn). Both groupings have been represented by various glyphs and alchemical symbols over the centuries, and Frozen 2’s Norwegian variants of the four clean, simple symbols look to be inspired by them.

So how does this fit into the plot of Frozen 2? Truth: We have no idea. But hypothesis: Even with the book, musical, and short-film continuations of Frozen beyond the 2013 original, the icy powers of Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) still impel plenty of questions to be asked — about their origins, their limits, and in the context of this newly-introduced concept of mystical foursomes, perhaps their uniqueness. Could Frozen 2 be about Elsa’s discovery of others like her? The glimpse of new characters in the teaser — in which it sure looks like someone is controlling a persuasive gust of wind — may very well lend credence to the theory, coupled with what the teaser promises in terms of Elsa and company venturing farther than ever beyond the bounds of Arendelle. (Plus, the greater mythos of the magic surrounding Arendelle has always seemed rife for further investigation, hasn’t it? We blame the trolls.)

Frozen 2 slides into theaters Nov. 22. A representative for snowflakes and ancient symbols could not be reached for comment.

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