The Hustle (2019 movie)

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson are cunning con artists in the first trailer for their upcoming Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake The Hustle.

The comedic duo fronts the film as a pair of disparate crooks — Hathaway’s British schemer lives the high life with stolen jewels while Wilson’s low-rung petty thief swindles cakes and club sandwiches — who team up to take down the men who’ve wronged them. But, judging by the trailer, Wilson’s character needs a little of Hathaway’s high-class polish before she can up her game.

“You must be trained for any situation,” Hathaway tells Wilson before teaching her how to throw knives, cry on command, and “be as inconspicuous as possible” while zeroing in on a tech millionaire; Wilson takes that to mean posing as a blind woman who feels Hathaway up during a key mission involving their target.

Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures

Directed by actor-writer Chris Addison (In the Loop), The Hustle comes on the heels of other female-centered reboots of popular franchises like 2016’s Ghostbusters and last summer’s Ocean’s 8, altering the gender of the film’s leads as well as tweaking the plot of Frank Oz’s 1988 original that starred Steve Martin and Michael Caine as dueling criminal rivals.

Roger Birnbaum (The Magnificent Seven) produced the film, while Jac Schaeffer, Stanley Shapiro, Paul Henning, and Dale Launer are credited as screenwriters on the project.

The Hustle hits theaters May 10. Watch the film’s first trailer above.


The Hustle (2019 movie)
Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star in 'The Hustle,' a movie feels so fast and cheap that it’s hard not to wonder why they've made it at all, other than to jump on a small and so-far underwhelming trend in gender-swapping ‘80s remakes.
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