By Dana Schwartz
February 03, 2019 at 06:52 PM EST
Credit: CBS Films

“Who took my big toooooooooooooe?”

All of your elementary school nightmares will be coming to life this August with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a film adaptation of the nightmarish collection of horror stories by Alvin Schwartz.

Sunday, before the Super Bowl, Guillermo del Toro teased on Twitter that three mini-trailers for the upcoming horror movie would be coming our way. The first featured a preview of the iconic story “The Big Toe,” and the second, a first glimpse at the horrifying Jangly Man. Thanks to these trailers, looks like the real winner of the Super Bowl this year will be whatever company makes adult diapers.

UPDATE: The third teaser arrived later in the game, and it’s going to give you nightmares.

And turns out there are four! The fourth (and final—for now) teaser features “the red spot”… you remember what was inside of it, don’t you?

From the look of the trailers, it seems the movie will capture the aesthetic of Stephen Gammell’s original illustrations for the book, which were part of the reason the book was so terrifying (an aside: in fourth grade, your writer was so scared of the cover featuring a grotesque clown that she only ever left it cover side down.)

Del Toro produced and conceived the story for the film which, unlike its source material, will consist of a single linear story in which a group of kids attempts to unravel the mysterious murders occurring in their small town. The film will be directed by André Øvredal, who posed for a photo with del Toro and the film’s star, Zoe Colletti, in December.

Credit: Lionsgate

Also on board the “macabre little train” is Breaking Bad star Dean Norris, Michael Garza (Wayward Pines), Austin Abrams (Brad’s Status), Gabriel Rush (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Austin Zajur (Kidding), and Natalie Ganzhorn (Make it Pop).

In case you weren’t thankful enough for del Toro for bringing your most nostalgic properties to the big screen, here’s another reminder that he was the one who convinced Alfonso Cuarón that Harry Potter was cool enough to direct.

This post has been updated with the third and fourth Super Bowl teaser.

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