The New King of Comedy

By Tim Stack
August 02, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

He may be small — 5’4” on a good day — but Hart, 34, scores huge laughs in his movies, sold-out stand-up comedy shows, and on the BET reality TV parody Real Husbands of Hollywood.

His Smartest Career Decision ”There was a point where the movies and auditions weren’t coming in. After Soul Plane and after my TV show The Big House got canceled, it was stagnant. I just said, ‘You know what? I’m going to focus 100 percent on stand-up comedy because that’s what I own, and can’t nobody take that from me.”’

His Worst-Ever Stand-Up Gig ”There was one moment in Atlantic City when I was performing and a guy threw a buffalo wing at me. That definitely goes down in history as a bad one. Of course, you’ve got to stop. You have to address it. And then [you] realize there is no addressing the fact that someone just threw food at you. You’ve got to just exit the stage.”

On Who Would Play Him In A Biopic ”I don’t know if they could find anybody this small. They might have to build somebody.”

The Future In addition to the next season of Real Husbands, he’s got so many movies in the works, he can’t keep them straight. There’s Grudge Match, Ride Along, About Last Night, and Think Like a Man Too. ”Am I missing a movie?” he asks. ”No, that’s it.” For now.