By EW Staff
August 18, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Monty Brinton

8:30-9 PM · CBS · Debuts Sept. 24

CONCEPT Two super-geniuses — Jim Parsons (Garden State) and Johnny Galecki (Roseanne) — befriend their hot new next-door neighbor (8 Simple Rules‘ Kaley Cuoco). It’s Beauty and the Geek: the sitcom.

THE SCOOP Co-creator Bill Prady writes what he knows: The guy’s a former computer programmer, and he has an astrophysicist check his jargon. So far, so good. ”My mother has always been distressed that I didn’t finish college,” Prady says. ”If you can publish that an astrophysicist gave me a solid B+ on the physics dialogue, it would make her feel better.” Done! Co-creator Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men) swears the comedy will be more Beautiful Mind than Ugly Mindlessness: ”Talking about geeks and nerds — that’s shooting fish in a barrel. We want to write about brilliant people, and how difficult it is for them to move through the world we take for granted. That’s interesting.”

BOTTOM LINE Broad comedy with some very funny moments — and did we mention the physics were solid, Mrs. Prady?