The actress is slated to star in the Disney animated comedy The One and Only Ivan in August.
Phillipa Soo in 'Hamilton.'
| Credit: Disney+

As the Broadway musical Hamilton sweeps the nation off its feet yet again via Disney+, the final moment of the show — when Eliza Hamilton (Phillipa Soo) looks out at the audience and gasps — has been a hot topic of debate. Soo recently went on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show to discuss her role in the Pulitzer Prize-winning show, saying she had varying inspirations for that moment from "night to night."

"A mixture of yes, Eliza sees [Alexander] Hamilton, or sees that legacy, or sees the orphanage — which is now called Graham Wyndham and still exists today — or sees her kids telling her story. It was an exploration for me every day," Soo said.

Soo added that the moment on stage as an actress was also an opportunity to "look out and see all of these beautiful faces and acknowledge the story that we had just all taken a ride to witness."

She continued: "The fact that we’ve all chosen to sit together in the dark for two and a half hours and put ourselves in his shoes and listen and hear this story, it was definitely like a culmination of all of those things."

Soo and the rest of the cast have been put back in the spotlight after a taping of the musical became available earlier this month on Disney+. The accomplished Broadway veteran can next be found on Disney animated comedy The One and Only Ivan, set to premiere Aug. 21.


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