We dreamed a dream that Patti LuPone showed us her basement — and it came true.
Patti LuPone
Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage

Don't cry for us Twitterinis, the truth is Patti LuPone never left us...Instead, she's keeping us all entertained during coronavirus quarantine with delightfully zany videos touring us through her sizable basement.

The videos began on Sunday night, after the Broadway legend appeared on the one-night-only return of The Rosie O'Donnell Show as part of a benefit for the Actors' Fund. After talking with O'Donnell and delivering not one, but two songs in her iconic mezzo-soprano voice, she hopped on Twitter to expand the view fans got into her basement.

On Sunday night, she posted a video with the caption, "I heard somebody wanted to see more of my basement." It toured viewers through everything from her jukebox to her RCA dog(?!!) to her pinball machine to various other odds and ends down there. The video (and LuPone's infectious energy) was sheer delight, a result of the sudden amount of free-time the usually extremely busy Broadway star now has on her hands — and a rare glimpse inside the privacy of her home.

Initially, it seemed a delightful addition to the broadcast. But now everything's coming up Patti's basement. On Monday, she posted another video of her dancing frantically, taking us on another tour at hyper-speed and letting us watch her play perhaps the most manic game of pinball in history.

By Tuesday, trips to Patti's basement were becoming a regular thing with LuPone posting, "Hi Twitterinis. Send questions about my basement and I'll answer tonight. Maybe I'll answer while dancing."

Later that day, she shared another missive from the basement. It started with a somber message, dedicated to playwright Terrence McNally, who died Tuesday from complications from COVID-19. "I just wanted to send out love and condolences to Tom on the passing of Terrence McNally, who I had the pleasure and honor of working with on Master Class," she began.

But then she was back to her high energy ways, cueing up Credence Clearwater Revival on her jukebox, taking us through photo albums, and reminiscing about the myriad of cassette tapes on her wall (now we want a Blood Brothers revival starring Patti LuPone, just saying).

Here's hoping this continues to be a regular thing as we wait for this daily welcome distraction and peek inside LuPone's home. From the balcony to the basement, we know we'll get just a touch of star quality.

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