Omicron has paused production of two Broadway shows: an adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird and Girl From the North Country, which uses Dylan's songs.

Coronavirus closures are performing an encore on Broadway, as the former smash hit To Kill a Mockingbird and the Bob Dylan-themed musical Girl From the North Country prepare to halt performances amid the spread of the Omicron variant.

To Kill a Mockingbird — an adaptation of Harper Lee's beloved novel that launched with star Jeff Daniels in 2018 — will shut down after a final performance on Sunday.

"It has been an extraordinary experience to watch every member of this company bring Mockingbird back to life at the Shubert," said Executive Producer Orin Wolf. "While it is sad to go dark even for a short time, it is an honor to help this magnificent production continue its historic run in the Belasco Theatre and I look forward to its bright future as we kick off in June."

According to the New York Times, producers are planning to lay off the cast (including Greg Kinnear) and crew before an anticipated move from New York City's Shubert Theater to the Belasco Theater when the show reopens on June 1.

To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway and Girl From the North Country
'To Kill a Mockingbird' and 'Girl From the North Country' have paused production on Broadway.
| Credit: Julieta Cervantes; Matthew Murphy

Similarly, Girl From the North Country — which launched at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, using Dylan's music to tell the story of Depression-era Midwesterners — announced Wednesday that it will again shut down after its final round of shows on Jan. 23 in anticipation of opening at a new theater in the spring.

The total number of major Broadway productions that have paused or closed altogether amid the Omicron variant's spread through New York City now stands at eight, including the Mrs. Doubtfire musical, producers of which previously decided to close for nine weeks amid the spike in cases.

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