By Ashley Boucher
November 11, 2019 at 07:39 PM EST

Marie Osmond fell last week for the second time while performing in Las Vegas — but she’s proving that the show must go on!

Marie, 60, revealed on The Talk on Monday that she “chipped off a piece” of her kneecap in the tumble, but that’s not stopping her from performing in every last show of the Las Vegas residency she shares with brother Donny Osmond.

“This is the last week of shows at the Flamingo. And so for those of you that have bought tickets for that last week, I will be there,” Marie promised, saying that she was “fine” despite her injury.

Marie Osmond
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“Donny was so sweet. He said, ‘Marie, I can handle the last week,’ and I said, ‘I think they want to see Donny and Marie,’” she added.

“But it’s underneath the kneecap, I chipped off a piece,” she said. “So I probably won’t be dancing a lot, but I will be [there] — I can sing!”

“I’m always okay, and you know, it’s just interesting that it would be so close together. I’ve never fallen before,” Marie added, referencing a fall she took on stage in September that left both knees black and blue. “I think maybe the knee was a little bit not as strong. I probably should have been wearing my brace. But as I made that turn my boot stuck on the floor and then I wasn’t able to turn and I just went down.”

“I’m pretty black and blue, it’s really pretty,” the veteran entertainer joked.

In the footage shared on The Talk, Marie can be seen falling as she exits the stage during a transition in the show. She then comes back out and calls for her brother, telling him that she thinks she broke her knee.

“I can’t walk,” she told Donny, 61, when he joined her on stage and asked what happened.

“Um, I think I broke my knee,” she said. “I think I broke it.”

“I did it once before, and I just did it a second time,” she said, as some of the dancers on stage and Donny started to help her off. “So, what should we do?”

“Well, you go off stage. The first thing we got to do is take care of you,” Donny said, then addressing the audience, “right?” to cheers and applause.

Marie’s fall in September happened right in the middle of a duet with Donny, who didn’t notice her spill to the floor right away.

“We have this bet between us, that if anybody ever falls or has an accident, you keep singing,” Marie said on The Talk at the time. “If you don’t keep singing you have to pay the other person 500 bucks. The whole time I’m like, ‘save the microphone, save the microphone! Not the knees.’ “

Marie shared a video of herself icing her knees in her The Talk dressing room after that first fall, writing in the caption, “The show must go on ?”

Donny and Marie announced in March that their final Flamingo Las Vegas show will be on Nov. 16.

“It’s been rumored that we’re bringing Donny & Marie to an end here in Las Vegas,” Donny said on Good Morning America at the time. “And we’re here to say it’s official.”

“We have been through so much the last 11 years. Her particularly,” he continued, referencing his sister. “And she gets on stage and she’s such a professional. She does a great job. I’m gonna miss this a lot. … There’s a bond here that will never be broken.”

When asked about their plans for their final shows, Donny said, “I have no tricks. I’m just gonna get up there and have the time of my life.”

“The end of the Donny & Marie show is not the end of Donny and Marie,” he added.

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