Mj Rodriguez is out here taking what’s hers.

The Pose star is currently appearing in the Los Angeles production of Little Shop of Horrors, and Rodriguez claimed the late-night spotlight on Thursday with a performance of “Suddenly Seymour” on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Playing Audrey in the show, Rodriguez performed the famous duet from Little Shop with castmate George Salazar as Seymour. Pose fans knew she could sing after watching her belt out “Home” in season 1, but damn! The pipes! The pipes!

“Audrey is usually played by a Caucasian cis woman, and that’s not to take anything away from the many amazing women who have played this role and done a wonderful job, but now she’s being played by a black woman, a woman of color, and also a trans woman of color, so already there are so many elements to the character that can be brought out now that she’s a part of a different sector of life,” Rodriguez previously told EW of the role. “I love diving into dark areas — naturally, I love drama — and I saw Audrey as the perfect character to do that with. So many people see or portray her in a certain way, but I saw so much realism in her. I saw somebody who was being abused, who was being taken advantage of, and yet still had a lot of heart in believing she could get out simply by dreaming.”

Glee vet Amber Riley also voices Audrey II, the man-eating plant, in Little Shop of Horrors. Subsequently, there’s a New York production also running Off Broadway with another Glee alum, Jonathan Groff.

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