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Superheroes are everywhere these days: Movies, TV shows, comic books. Theater, though, is one artistic field where superheroes haven’t been as prevalent…until now, apparently.

On Monday, Marvel announced a new partnership with the Concord Theatricals company Samuel French called Marvel Spotlight, a collection of stage plays featuring Marvel superheroes in relatable contemporary situations, aimed at young readers.

The first three Marvel Spotlight plays feature Ms. Marvel, Thor, and Squirrel Girl. In Mirror of Most Value by Masi Asare, Kamala Khan tries to boost her superhero profile by writing her own Ms. Marvel fan fiction (in the way Peter Parker once used to make a living by taking pictures of himself as Spider-Man), but her schoolwork and relationships start to strain from the pressures of maintaining her own fandom. Hammered by Christian Borle finds Thor struggling to finish his final exams and competing with Loki for their parents’ affection. Squirrel Girl Goes to College by Karen Zacarías begins, like the popular Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic series, with Doreen Green beginning college at Empire State University and trying to make new friends while keeping her superhero activities a secret.

“Over the last 80 years, the Marvel Universe has grown to inspire billions across the globe by telling relatable, personal stories reflecting the world outside our window,” Marvel executive Stephen Wacker, one of the original co-creators of Kamala Khan, said in a statement. “With these amazing plays and this uncanny group of talented playwrights, we hope to give the next generation of Marvel fans a chance to bring those stories to life and explore what it means to be a superhero right in their own backyard.”

Check out the covers of the three Marvel Spotlight plays below. They have been created with all types of educational institutions in mind, aiming to be easy to produce on any budget and in a variety of spaces. The one-act plays are licensed at $75-per-performance for a single play, or $125-per-performance for two or more plays. Those interested in using them can find more information at Marvel Spotlight’s website.

Credit: Marvel Entertainment
Credit: Marvel Entertainment
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

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