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Hannah Gadsby is returning to the New York stage.

The comic behind the stand-up phenomenon Nanette, which achieved international acclaim after premiering as a Netflix special, is set to return to New York this summer with her new show, Douglas, for a four-week run. She previously announced in February that she’d be returning to the U.S. with a Nanette follow-up. The Douglas tour begins April 29 in San Francisco and will culminate in the limited New York engagement.

Here’s what producer WestBeth Entertainment can tease about Douglas: “While Nanette was a random barista, Douglas is a very specific dog, and the only thing they have in common is they’ve inspired Hannah to put pen to paper and turn out a show you couldn’t possibly expect.”

Gadsby has been performing the show in her native Australia. Last month, The Australian said of Douglas: “After the heartbreak humor of Nanette and its beat-perfect delivery, Douglas feels like one of Hannah Gadsby’s trademark ‘thought orgies,’ vaulting precariously from thought to thought, from one needling idea to another, from wordplay to droll wordplay. The uproariously funny Douglas is part lecture, part stand-up and part tongue-in-cheek tirade. And it’s all heart.”

Gadsby performed Nanette to sold-out crowds, for a total of more than 250 performances around the globe. In the show, she dissects comedy’s relationship to trauma (both theoretically and her own) before declaring, to great attention, why she needs to “quit” comedy. Last summer, after wrapping up her epic tour, the comic told EW that she wasn’t necessarily quitting the form, but that her relationship to it had changed and that she needed to take a break. “I don’t know what the future holds; obviously, my life and expectations of what I can do have changed significantly,” she said. “But I actually do need to have a rest. I do need to stop.”

Douglas will open at the Daryl Roth Theater in New York on July 23, and tickets will be available at Ticketmaster beginning April 14. See the official art for Douglas below.

Credit: Alan Moyle

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