It's this month's #Hamildrop installment

There’s another #Hamildrop in the room (where it happened)!

Early Thursday morning Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted that the latest monthly installment from the Hamildrop series was up. This time around, fans of the smash-hit musical were treated to a punk-rock remix of “Helpless” by The Regrettes. In the stage musical the song tells of the romance and nuptials of Eliza Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton, a narrative that lends itself well to this more angsty edition.

Back in December 2017, Miranda announced he was kicking off the Hamildrop series in order to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Hamilton Mixtape. Since then, the mastermind has been dropping new content related to the musical every month and will continue to do so through December 2018. Last month he released a rendition of “First Burn” the first draft of one of the songs performed by Alexander Hamilton’s wife, Eliza in the stage show.

Listen to the latest drop above.

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