The acclaimed comedian will stage the show Off Broadway

By David Canfield
April 25, 2018 at 05:22 PM EDT
Smallz &Raskind/Getty Images

Mike Birbiglia is set to unveil a new one-person show in New York this summer, EW has confirmed.

He’s devised The New One, described as a new comedy which he wrote and will perform. It’s been a decade since Birbiglia made his big debut with Sleepwalk With Me, the solo show presented by Nathan Lane which earned considerable acclaim, and was later adapted into a successful book and movie.

“When he walks on stage, the energy in the room changes, and you realize you’re in the presence of a fresh and original voice,” Lane said of Birbiglia. “And that is very rare. You know you’re getting the real turtle soup, not merely the mock. Like any great comedian, it’s hard to categorize Mike — he is his own unique creation. You should definitely just go see him and get lost in his world.”

In the years since that stage debut, Birbiglia has performed additional shows including Thank God for Jokes and My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, which won him a Lucille Lortel Award. As for what fans can expect of The New One, the comic isn’t giving much away. “I hate it when people tell me what anything is about or really any details at all. Last year I loved Lady Bird, Get Out and The Big Sick and my greatest gift to my friends was to tell them to see those movies and don’t read anything about them,” he said in a statement. “So that’s what I’m telling the people interested in this show. If you liked my other shows and movies, I think you’ll love The New One.”

The New One will be performed at New York’s Cherry Lane Theatre beginning July 26, with an official opening of Aug. 2. If you’re interested, you may want to get those tickets fast: This is a strictly limited engagement, scheduled to end on Aug. 11. You can learn more about the show and how to attend here.