Meeting the architect of the wizarding world is still magical

J.K. Rowling was brought to tears when she came to New York. She came to surprise the Broadway cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and visit the Lyric Theatre, where the stage production is about to make its grand debut in the Big Apple. The actors, too, were floored by her arrival.

“I know this is really, really embarrassing, but I know you don’t mind,” Cursed Child director John Tiffany teased the troupe. “I’ve got a friend in town and she’s a big Harry Potter fan, and I said I’d introduce her to you.”

Cut to the actors leaping to their feet when the architect of the wizarding world burst through the doors — just days before the show’s opening night.

“This is amazing,” she said. “Thank you, and I can’t wait. I really, really can’t.”

Photos of the Harry Potter author and Fantastic Beasts screenwriter touring the theatre were also snapped for social media, while Rowling shared a few of her own pics.

“I’ve just walked around the refurbished Lyric theatre for the first time and laugh-cried quite a lot,” Rowling tweeted. “It’s so beautiful. I can’t believe we’re on Broadway.”

Jack Thorne wrote the script for Cursed Child based on a new story by Rowling, Thorne, and Tiffany.

Jamie Parker (Harry Potter), Noma Dumezweni (Hermione Granger), Paul Thornley (Ron Weasley), Poppy Miller (Ginny Potter), Sam Clemmett (Albus Potter), Alex Price (Draco Malfoy), and Anthony Boyle (Scorpius Malfoy) from the original London cast return for the Broadway production.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is now in previews and will celebrate its official opening night this Sunday.

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