EW has a sneak peak at the award-winning actress' recreation of the play for listeners

If you didn’t happen to be in New York for the limited run of Neil LaBute’s All the Ways to Say I Love You at the Lucille Lortel Theater last year, chances are you missed Judith Light’s tour-de-force solo performance.

Now, thanks to a new partnership with Audible, EW can exclusively announce that the play is being made available for listeners around the world, with Light herself performing the part.

All the Ways to Say I Love You is a one-person show written by LaBute (In the Company of Men) and directed by Leigh Silverman. Light (Transparent) stars as Mrs. Faye Johnson, a schoolteacher slowly unraveling as the guilt of having a sexual relationship with a student begins to overpower her. The actress earned raves for her performance. “She gives palpable force to a buried guilt that keeps clawing its way to the light, like some prematurely entombed figure out of Edgar Allan Poe,” the New York Times wrote in its review. “Ms. Light brings a vibrant, thirsty eroticism to the part.”

Light is now recreating the play for Audible listeners, and it will be available beginning March 1. “I wanted the listeners to know that there is a way in which Leigh Silverman directed me in this play, that when we came back to it, the emotional track that she helped me lay down stayed in my system in a way that actually was surprising to both of us,” she says of transferring the play to Audible, in a clip you can watch above. “To be able to bring that to so many people is not only exciting for us, artistically, something I find really important. It educates and it brings the art of something to more people so they have that experience.”

Watch Audible’s All the Ways to Say I Love You tease above, and pre-order it here.