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March 09, 2017 at 08:30 AM EST

A Star is Born is bound for the stage.

Oscar winner Bill Condon, who helmed Disney’s upcoming release of Beauty and the Beast, has been tapped to direct the stage adaptation of 1954’s A Star is Born, the glamour-dripping Warner Bros. film starring Judy Garland as an ingénue on a rapid rise through Hollywood.

Miraculously, the production marks the first stage adaptation of the 1954 version of famous title. The adaptation is not, however, based on any of the other film versions of the story — including the original 1937 picture, the 1976 remake starring Barbra Streisand, or the forthcoming adaptation which will star Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Presently, the Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures production has not yet revealed any timetable nor Broadway plans. The company is currently represented on Broadway this season with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Beetlejuice and Dave also sit on WBTV’s development horizon.

Condon recently made his Broadway directorial debut with 2014’s short-lived revival of Side Show. As a screenwriter, he earned his first Oscar in 1999 for adapting Gods and Monsters and returned in 2003 with a nomination for scripting the year’s Best Picture winner, Chicago.

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