The Better Call Saul star says spending hours face down in the dirt while shooting the big shoot-out in "Bagman" was not as glamorous as it sounds.
Better Call Saul
Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Filming in Albuquerque, N.M., gives Better Call Saul some truly gorgeous locations, but it can also make for some brutal working conditions. On this week's episode of EW's The Awardist podcast, Bob Odenkirk talked about shooting his character's desert ordeal — which began with a terrifying shoot-out, followed by a long, harrowing trek back to civilization. "It was like 110 [degrees] every day," says the actor. "And I spent most of the big shoot out, I'm on my stomach for most of it, or crawling."

Odenkirk says that "two or three people" had to leave the shoot due to breathing difficulties ("it was unbelievably dusty") or heat stroke. "It was the hardest thing physically I’ve ever done as a performer," he adds. "And everyone in the crew had to weather that."

To hear more from Odenkirk — whether he thinks Jimmy and Kim's marriage is real or just a "business arrangement" — check out the full interview below. (The conversation begins at 31 minutes in.)

Also in this episode, we break down the crowded race for Outstanding Drama Series — now that Game of Thrones is out of the running, do Succession and Big Little Lies have a shot? Or will it finally be Better Call Saul's year? And speaking of Big Little Lies, this week we also talk to star Nicole Kidman, who she's willing to play Celeste "for the rest of my life."

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