EW editors debate which great actors deservedly have an Oscar — but for the wrong movie.

In this topsy-turvy Oscar race, the (re-)emergence of Glenn Close as a potential Best Supporting Actress frontrunner for her performance in (the otherwise poorly received) Hillbilly Elegy has led to a common refrain in some parts: She's overdue, but is this the role she should finally win for?

That's a debate, perhaps, for another day... or at least another Awardist episode. This week on EW's awards-season podcast, hosts David Canfield and Clarissa Cruz opened that conversation up to break down some of their favorite (most frustrating?) past examples of stars they're happy to call Oscar winners, if not exactly for the films that got them there. (Joining them in the discussion is EW's assistant digital features editor Mary Sollosi.)

There are the more classic examples, like Al Pacino at last triumphing for Scent of a Woman, which rankles one such EWer. But more modern (possible) discrepancies creep into the conversation too, including Colin Firth for The King's Speech and others. You'll have to listen to see where our team lands on all those. And the discussion gets rounded out by a look at more possible 2021 Oscar nominees searching for their first win, like Mank's David Fincher and French Exit's Michelle Pfeiffer, and where we'd situate these movies within their filmography should they go all the way.

This week's Awardist also breaks down the WGA nominations and how they indicate the direction of the Oscar race, and features an in-depth conversation with star Tom Holland. Listen to the full episode below. The Awardist podcast runs new episodes every Monday.

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