He would gladly duke it out with Brendan Hunt, Jeremy Swift, and Nick Mohammed in a "very short pay-per-view" match that we would gladly watch.

Among Ted Lasso's whopping 20 (!) Emmy nominations were seven for the comedy's ensemble cast — including Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy nominations for Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent), Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard), Nick Mohammed (Nathan Shelley), and Jeremy Swift (Higgins). So when writer-actor Goldstein joined EW's The Awardist for a chat about his nominated season 1 performance, we had to ask: Has the trash-talking among the Lasso lads already started, and how intense is it getting?

"It's wonderful that we've been nominated as a team, and actually it's better that we've been nominated as a team — because otherwise it would be really awkward on set," says Goldstein. "I much prefer that we've been nominated as a team. But… I do want us to wrestle... at the Emmys... live."

Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso
Brett Goldstein in 'Ted Lasso'
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The showdown could be part of the pre-show red carpet entertainment, or, as Goldstein suggests, a "very short pay-per-view."

The winner would earn the right to approach the podium when the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy category is announced, though Goldstein notes, "None of our names might get called! I still think we should wrestle, just for something to do."

If you're a Ted Lasso fan — and one would assume you are given that you're reading this — you're probably thinking to yourself, "Who would win in said fight: Roy Kent, Nate the Great, Higgins, or Coach Beard?"

According to Goldstein, it doesn't just come down to size. "The thing is, everyone's got a secret weapon," he explains. "I thought, 'Well, I'd win.' But Brendan, I reckon has, like, hidden moves. I reckon he's studied capoeira or something like that... I think Jeremy's got secret pockets of rage, and Nick will come in low and take you over. It's not an easy match!"

For more with Goldstein — including the origins of Roy Kent's gruff voice and why he thinks acting with children is akin to acting with Muppets — watch the full interview above. And please also enjoy this deleted scene, featuring Goldstein's very Roy Kent–esque reaction to my nosy dog.

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