This week on The Awardist podcast, Watchmen star Regina King reveals the big clue about Angela Abar that she missed, while Jean Smart discusses Agent Laurie Blake's surprising sex toy (a.k.a. "the big blue elephant in the room").
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While a lot of questions about this year's Emmys remain unanswered (like, can the ceremony even happen given the current global pandemic?), one thing is certain: The stars of HBO's Watchmen are bound to dominate in the Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Limited Series or Movie categories. (And yes, Watchmen is competing as a limited series, given that showrunner Damon Lindelof says a season 2 is very unlikely.)

This week on EW's The Awardist podcast, Watchmen stars Regina King and Jean Smart drop by to talk all things Angela Abar, Agent Laurie Blake, and finally getting to act together after admiring each other's work for years. "We met each other, it was in the makeup trailer the first time, and it was like, 'Oh yes, this is going to be fun!'" says King of her first encounter with Smart. "She is delightful. She makes the best cookies!" King also reveals her first reaction to Angela Abar's shocking final scene, and admits the major clue on the Watchmen poster that she missed, "even though I was part of [the show] for a year!"

Smart, meanwhile, tells EW about filming the moment Agent Blake reveals her Dr. Manhattan sex toy (which she calls "the big blue elephant in the room"), and explains what's going on in this instagram video she made with her Watchmen costar Frances Fisher, who plays Jane Crawford.

To hear more from King and Smart — and get our analysis on which limited series and movie performers will be competing against the Watchmen cast — listen to the full episode of  The Awardist below.

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