The Amber Ruffin Show host stops by EW's The Awardist podcast to talk writing and performing those insanely catchy late-night tunes: "There is no adult being like, 'Okay, you're singing it wrong.' That doesn't exist!"

There are multi-hyphenate performers, and then there's Amber Ruffin. Not only is she a writer-performer on Late Night With Seth Meyers and the host of The Amber Ruffin Show on Peacock, the woman also wrote a musical (about the 2007 cult documentary The King of Kong!) and she writes the amazingly catchy songs on her late-night show.

Though it may be hard for fans to pick their favorite Amber Ruffin Show number — our vote goes to "Dr. Sexy's CDC Helpline" or "White Supremacists Facing Consequences" — the host and songwriter doesn't hesitate when asked to choose her own. "My favorite is 'Bore Me Daddy,' which was the Fosse number we did about how boring Joe Biden is," she says. "Just because it was so weird. It was a weird song, it was a weird choice." The host adds that she delighted in the weirdness of making her sidekick and friend Tarik Davis "put on eye makeup and suspenders" for the bit, which she said "came together perfectly" despite the fact that she and Davis are not trained dancers or singers. "The best part of all of this is there is no adult being like, 'Okay, you're singing it wrong,'" she says with a laugh. "The difference between what we're doing and what a professional does is so great that it makes me laugh so hard."

To hear more from Ruffin — including the benefits of launching a talk show during a global pandemic — check out the full interview below.

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