Seyfried joins EW's Awardist podcast to discuss the most acclaimed role of her career.

In the most critically acclaimed role of her career, Amanda Seyfried steals every one of her scenes in Mank as Old Hollywood icon Marion Davies. Still, the actress went into the David Fincher project pretty insecure.

"[It was] the idea of playing somebody who existed, having the responsibility of showing the world a new dimension [from] what they've seen before," Seyfried explains of her nerves. "I was fraught with insecurity because I just wanted to do her justice, I wanted to do it right. It was also just because I was working with David Fincher. [But] it's nice to have a little nerves. I don't know what artist doesn't at a certain point."

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The Golden Globe nominee joined EW's The Awardist podcast this week for an in-depth conversation about Mank and how the film transformed her as an artist. Seyfried is a formidable candidate in the fluid Best Supporting Actress field, having earned raves for her unique, particular take on an industry icon. "She was a comedian, she was really skilled at that," Seyfried says of what she took away from watching Davies' old movies in prep. "And she was really effervescent, which is something that I wanted to capture. That was very evident in the script — she was very alive, very charismatic." Seyfried adds that the glamour of the character was key: "I never really expected in my career to be able to play a 1930s-era movie star. That was a dream I never thought I had."

As for what Seyfried hopes comes next, she looks at whatever Mank brings to her future as a gift. "Every opportunity gives you another opportunity," she says. "Working with such a master like David Fincher is going to, hopefully, open the door [for me] to working with people of his caliber."

Watch the conversation above, or listen to it in full below. Mank is now streaming on Netflix.

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