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Ben Affleck on why he 'wasn't happy' filming Justice League and what he learned from it
In EW's new cover story, the former Batman explains how the experience of making the DC superhero film changed his professional and personal trajectory.
Henry Cavill has ideas for a return to playing Superman: 'The cape is still in the closet'
In a new interview, the actor says he sees more storytelling opportunities in his portrayal of the Man of Steel.
Zack Snyder talks new zombie heist thriller Army of Thieves and 'insane' sci-fi movie Rebel Moon
The producer explains why you don't need to watch 'Army of the Dead' to enjoy its prequel, about a German guy cracking safes during an undead apocalypse.
Army of the Dead prequel Army of Thieves kicks off another thrilling heist in new trailer
Zack Snyder and his cast previewed the upcoming expansion to the Army of the Dead-verse.

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