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Cobra Kai's Jacob Bertrand on Hawk's big win — and why you should NEVER ask him for spoilers
The actor tells EW about Hawk's back-tattoo flex move and how fighting is different without his character's signature mohawk.
Cobra Kai creator on the meaning behind that shirtless showdown
Robby's gi-ripping moment in the season 4 finale was more than just bare-chested bravado.
Cobra Kai team breaks down Johnny and Daniel's epic [SPOILER]
"There was a lot of pressure, in a good way, for us to deliver and the writers to deliver," says Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio.
Ralph Macchio on the Cobra Kai season 4 scene he found hard to swallow (literally)
"I couldn't do it in one shot," says Macchio of the stomach-churning sequence that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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Double Trouble: Cobra Kai's game-changing season 4 pulls no punches
Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Martin Kove, Thomas Ian Griffith, and the creators of the Netflix comedy take us inside the battle for dojo supremacy.
Cobra Kai's Thomas Ian Griffith talks Terry Silver's return: 'It's so absurd that it's fantastic!'
The man behind Karate Kid Part III's manic, ponytailed villain tells EW his character will 'cause a little trouble' for Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence in season 4.
Terry Silver will bring the pain in Cobra Kai season 4

Netflix announced that the Karate Kid Part III baddie played by Thomas Ian Griffith will make his way to the Valley for the next installment of Cobra Kai.