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Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie joins Netflix's Addams Family series as new character
Between the spooky prequel series 'Wednesday' and her upcoming adaptation of 'The Sandman,' the actress is getting real cozy with the supernatural.
They're in this together
They've both fronted rock bands before becoming film composers and have a penchant for tapping into the darker sides of humanity. So we decided to ask them about it.
Michael Keaton looks back on Batman, Beetlejuice, and more of his memorable roles
The acting MVP — who stars in two new films, action-thriller The Protégé and the 9/11 drama Worth — looks back at a life's work from Beetlejuice to Batman, Shakespeare to Spotlight and beyond.
How a directors' night out inspired Edgar Wright's new rock doc The Sparks Brothers
The celebrity-studded film about Sparks members Ron and Russell Mael is out June 18.
You actress Jenna Ortega will play Wednesday Addams on new Netflix series
The streaming service announced the casting on, appropriately enough, Wednesday.

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Batman costumes through the years

Now that the trailer for The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattison, was finally unveiled at this month's DC FanDome virtual event, let's take a walk back through the history of the Dark Knight's costumes.