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Alyssa Milano reveals she feels 'guilt' over Charmed tension with Shannen Doherty
Actress and activist says their relationship is now 'cordial,' and that she regularly checks in with her former costar about her ongoing battle with cancer.
Charmed history repeats itself: Madeleine Mantock exits show after 3 seasons
As in the case of Shannen Doherty, once again, the actress behind the telekinetic older sister is exiting the show after season 3.
The rise and fall and rise of Kevin Smith's Mallrats
The writer-director recalls making his ribald comedy, whose cast includes Jeremy London, Jason Lee, Shannen Doherty, Claire Forlani, and Ben Affleck.

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BH90210 will make you confront your mortality (in a good way)

In 'BH90210,' the one-time teen stars are now meeting the fans where most of us live: Halfway through life, facing the future with tamped-down anxiety all the while trying to come to terms with the past.