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Did the Beyoncé encounter on Netflix's Selena: The Series happen in real life?
Part 2 of the Netflix series shows a young Beyoncé Knowles meeting singer Selena Quintanilla Perez at the mall. Here's what really happened.
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Netflix announced the continuation of the series will be released a week ahead of schedule.
Selena: The Series star Noemi Gonzalez hopes the show pushes more women into ‘male-dominated spaces'
Noemi Gonzalez, who stars as Selena's drummer sister, hopes the show inspires women to pursue careers dominated by men, just like Suzette Quintanilla did.
Selena: The Series creator answers burning questions, teases part 2 is 'rise of Selena the superstar'
'Selena: The Series' creator Moises Zamora has the answers to all your burning questions about the Netflix series.

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Christian Serratos on playing Selena in new Netflix series: 'I don't want to let anyone down'
Christian Serratos knew the high expectations of what her portrayal of the Queen of Tejano Music should be.