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Is Ethan Hawke a must-see maniac? Early reactions praise 'creepy, brutally violent' The Black Phone
The actor plays a masked child abductor in new horror film from the Sinister team.
The Black Phone trailer is calling all horror fans
Ethan Hawke plays a masked child-abductor in new horror film from the Sinister team.
Ethan Hawke is finally ready to embrace his inner villain
The four-time Academy Award nominee takes a rare break to preview his packed 2022.
Brandon Lee's family speaks out after Alec Baldwin movie shooting
Hollywood reacts in shock after the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust.
Kevin Feige says he regrets not casting an Asian actor in Tilda Swinton's Doctor Strange role
The Marvel Studios president now says the Ancient One controversy was "a wake-up call."
C. Robert Cargill pays tribute to a sci-fi hero in robot apocalypse novel Day Zero
In the Doctor Strange co-writer's book, a "nannybot" must protect his young charge against murderous machines.

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