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Peter Jackson says it's the perfect time for his Beatles doc Get Back: 'We all need some cheering up'
The celebrated filmmaker's three-part docuseries kicks off Thursday on Disney+.
Elijah Wood landed his Lord of the Rings role with an epic audition shot on a VHS tape
The actor recalled his determined approach to snagging the coveted role of Frodo Baggins for Peter Jackson's blockbuster trilogy.
Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson was originally going to kill one of the hobbits
Dominic Monaghan, who played the hobbit Merry in the films, revealed producers tried to pressure Peter Jackson into killing one of the halflings.
Jemaine Clement teases Wellington Paranormal team may rumble with the chupacabra next
The series creator also shares how Peter Jackson helped inspire an important element of the show.

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