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The Contenders, 2022 Edition
There's nothing like Oscar season to get our competitive juices flowing. The front-runners may be obvious by now, so let's advocate for the actors, directors, and one rock-star composer we'd like to see go the distance.
Pedro Almodóvar and Parallel Mothers star Penélope Cruz on the secrets to their creative relationship
Still going strong after seven films, the director and his muse discuss the secrets to their 25-year-long relationship — and their latest movie, Parallel Mothers.
Javier Bardem held up a Prince concert because the singer was waiting for him to finish dinner
"We were like, 'Oh, my God. They've been waiting an hour for us to finish the dinner!'"
Drive My Car wins Best Picture, three other major prizes at National Society of Film Critics awards
The Japanese film also sped away with the prizes for Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor.
Penélope Cruz on how sharing a bed with Salma Hayek made them 'like sisters'
Not only did Hayek pick her up from the airport, but she all but made Cruz stay with her when the Oscar-winner first came to L.A.

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Jessica Chastain's genuine pain face made it into The 355 stunt scene: 'That really hurt!'
Chastain promises that her incredible wince captured on film in the upcoming action flick is 'not acting' after she jumped from a 22-foot ledge.
Maggie Gyllenhaal, Penélope Cruz, Jane Campion pick up awards at Venice Film Festival

The festival's top prize, the Golden Lion, went to the French abortion drama Happening, while Campion became the second woman ever to win the Best Director award.