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FX's Alien showrunner says it's 'not a Ripley story,' will be about 'inequality'
If the movies are about "the people you send to do the dirty work," Noah Hawley says the show is about "the people who are sending them."
Chris Rock explains why he turned down 'a couple offers' to be on The Sopranos
The comedian and actor almost said no to FX's Fargo for the same reason.
Fargo showrunner breaks down that season 4 finale
Noah Hawley discusses answers lingering questions about season 4, and reveals that he has an idea for season 5.
Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley explains why Chris Rock is perfect for season 4
Fargo showrunner discusses season 4 (spoiler-free), casting Rock, and gives some hints about that Star Trek movie he's writing.

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