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Godzilla vs. Kong, Tenet top pandemic box office: Here are the highest-grossing movies of the COVID era
'Godzilla vs. Kong,' 'Tenet,' 'Wonder Woman 1984,' and 'The Croods 2' are among the highest-grossing movies of the pandemic.
Resident Evil's Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson hunt for a new videogame movie franchise
After turning Resident Evil into a worldwide franchise, can the actress and filmmaker duo do the same for Monster Hunter?
Ron Perlman on wielding wigs and flaming axes for Monster Hunter: 'It was elaborate'
The Hellboy star was initially skeptical about the quality of a videogame movie. Luckily, there were wigs and axes.
Monster Hunter director and stars apologize after film is pulled from theaters in China
Audiences in the Middle Kingdom called out a racist line of dialogue from an early theatrical release.

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First Monster Hunter trailer pits Milla Jovovich against gargantuan beasts
The Resident Evil star takes the lead in a new action-packed videogame movie adaptation.
Showbiz Kids director Alex Winter on child stars and tackling abuse in Hollywood
The HBO doc features former child stars Wil Wheaton, Todd Bridges, Evan Rachel Wood, Cameron Boyce, Henry Thomas, Mara Wilson, and more.