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Succession sweeps all 5 slots in a single DGA Awards category
West Side Story, The Power of the Dog, Dune, more received a big Oscars boost while Succession previously swept an entire category among the DGA Awards nominations.
Michael Imperioli is first confirmed cast member for season 2 of The White Lotus
Hopefully, 'The White Lotus' will have a lower body count than 'The Sopranos.'
Jeff Probst says Mike White inspired him to completely retool Survivor 41
'I had spent well over a year working on this idea, and yet it still felt so good to throw it out because it was so clear that it sucked!'
The White Lotus star Murray Bartlett unpacks that shocking suitcase scene
"It's weirdly satisfying, but disgusting and horrifying," says the actor of that finale climax.

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Who dies on The White Lotus? We have some theories
Here are our five best guesses for who's resting in that coffin.
Mike White is channeling his 'modern-day bitch' on The White Lotus
"They're all very similar to me," says White about the hotel inhabitants. "I mean, there's a certain part of me in each of the characters, I think."
Digital Mank monkeys, Pete Davidson's shirt win PETA 'Oscats' for animal kindness

Pete Davidson's 'Hunt Mushrooms, Not Animals' t-shirt and Netflix's digital 'Mank' monkeys win PETA's Oscats for animal kindness in film.