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DC's Stargirl star Luke Wilson says he still doesn't understand brother Owen Wilson's series Loki
"I had it explained to me a number of times. Never got the plot of it," the actor said about Loki while revealing that the siblings lived together for a month while filming their respective superhero series.
Reese Witherspoon low-key settles the Legally Blonde alternate ending controversy with throwback photos
The actress shared some rarely seen photos from the shoot, and a couple of them are not from the film as we know it.
Luke Wilson watches Legally Blonde whenever it's on cable: 'And it's on cable a lot'
The actor says he'd love to work with Reese Witherspoon again, including in Legally Blonde 3.
Everything we learned from the Royal Tenenbaums reunion at Tribeca
That time Wes Anderson yelled on set, the only scene Gwyneth Paltrow likes watching, and more from this year's most anticipated family reunion.
Fargo, Royal Tenenbaums reunions set for Tribeca Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival returns in 2021 with a stellar line-up of talent.

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