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Hear Kristen Bell sing about being 'f---ing awkward' in Ultra City Smiths first look
In an exclusive preview of the stop-motion-animation mystery-comedy, the actress voices Donella Pecker, a government official ready to step out of her idiot husband's shadow and run for mayor.
Queenpins first look: Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste take couponing to a new extreme
In the upcoming crime comedy, the 'Good Place' actresses go to a very bad place.
Gossip Girl review: The HBO Max reboot is a sheep in wolf's clothing
In HBO Max's sequel to 'Gossip Girl,' a new generation struggles to balance trashy-rich thrills with aspirational self-seriousness.
Ted Lasso, Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and Unorthodox score Peabody Awards
The esteemed honor is awarded to broadcast media "that powerfully reflect the pressing social issues and the vibrant emerging voices of our day."

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