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This is Us recap: Jack, Randall, Kevin, and Toby struggle to align work and ideals with the realities of fatherhood
In "Four Fathers," Randall is irked by Déjà, work gets in the way of fatherhood for Toby and Jack, and Kevin continues to struggle with his co-parenting situation — plus, a flash-forward of Jack Damon!
This Is Us recap: Nicky's future wife revealed, Déjà makes a big decision
Deja visits Malik and experiences a relationship milestone while Nicky, Miguel, and Rebecca road trip to see Nicky's former flame Sally and experience hard truths and epiphanies.
This Is Us creator breaks down the season 6 premiere and Rebecca's Alzheimer's news
"We want the audience to feel the frustration she's feeling and the fear that she's feeling," Dan Fogelman says.
This Is Us star Justin Hartley on whom Kevin will wind up with — if anyone
"When he finally wraps his brain around the fact that it's actually okay to be alone, that opens him up to be available to other people," says the actor.
This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman previews the 'most ambitious' season — and teases the series finale
Fogelman says Rebecca and Miguel's relationship will be a big part of season 6 — and that a Jack-centric episode may be Milo Ventimiglia's "best episode of the entire series."

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The Big Three celebrate their 41st birthday in the season 6 premiere.
See first photos of the final season of This Is Us
The Big Three celebrate their 41st birthday, but is something dampening the festivities?